KAYMAK is the newest project of the Macedonian film director Milcho Manchevski who is set to re-team with

North Macedonia-based Banana Film and Ian Prior’s U.K. banner Scala Productions on this next directorial outing, the black comedy “Kaymak“.

Manchevski last teamed up with Banana Film and Scala Productions on “Willow” which represented North Macedonia in the Oscar race.

I’ve had the pleasure of translating “Willow” which garnered great acclaim winning awards at Raindance, Cinequest, Valencia, etc. The Tirana International Film Festival special screening was subtitled in Albanian for a better viewing experience.

It is a marvelous movie – a perfect representation of natural feminine power through genuine emotions and reactions towards motherhood.

KAYMAK is a black comedy about two Macedonian couples – one

rich, one poor. When they both become threesomes, they inadvertently expose the secrets of family and class relations.

“’Kaymak’ is about challenging the accepted wisdom of what is considered a ‘normal’ romantic relationship. It is about following your heart and where that takes you,” said Manchevski who also wrote the screenplay. “It is about taboos, about the choices we make in life and how they come back to us – to haunt and inspire us, to hurt and propel us to new places,” added Manchevski.

Translating Kaymak’s screenplay didn’t take away my curiosity for watching the movie. Quite the opposite. I just can’t wait for those dialogues to come to life, and I’m sure this movie like all Manchevski’s movies will be a very fulfilling experience for all movie connoisseurs, and the larger audience.

Milcho Manchevski is best known for movies such as Before the Rain (1994), Dust(2001), Shadows (2007), Mothers (2010),

Bikini Moon (2017), etc. He is also a photographer and artist.

His films are part of the curricula at numerous universities worldwide.