El Comandante is a story inspired by the life of Hugo Chávez, a man of humble origin who, at only 44 years old and against all odds, became the most powerful and controversial Latin American leader of his time. During his rule he controlled at will the largest oil reserves on the planet, challenged the First World and managed to shake the continent as nobody else.

Hugo Chávez burst onto the national scene in Venezuela in a failed military uprising in 1992, but the series shows us in retrospective his upbringing, his humble beginnings, and the development of his character and personality which many consider it to be that of a consummate narcissist. In fact, the whole “telenovela” vibe you get form this series is caused by his egotistical behavior and choices, manipulating his way to the top, and navigating his personal life avoiding responsibilities and commitment in favor of his own whims and aspirations.

Albanian viewers have always like biographies, and this series offers all of the novelty of a piece of Latin America’s modern history which we don’t know much about, all the intrigue of a true Latin soap opera, and a panoramic view of life and society in Venezuela from the 70s, until the 2000s.

(The series is being aired on Top Channel in Spanish with Albanian subtitles.)